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A THOUGHT CATCHER is an individually, handmade item decorated with two positive words for you to evaluate your thoughts against. The words help remind you of the benefits of thinking positive thoughts. As you practice only thinking thoughts that match the words on your THOUGHT CATCHER, the thoughts that keep you in a cycle of depression, anxiety, fear, trauma and sadness will begin to stop. When you purchase your THOUGHT CATCHER, you will receive instructions on how to quickly begin changing your inner dialogue so that you can experience more peace and joy in your life. 

Each Thought catcher is decorated with the following


Each Thought Catcher comes with two beaded words. When you make your purchase, you can trust that the two words you received are the two words meant for you! The words are there to help you to remember the kind of thoughts that you want to think on. For example, if your two words are "KIND" and "CALM" then when a thought comes to your mind, you would internally ask yourself, "If I think this thought, am I being kind to myself?" Or, "Does this thought make me feel calm?" The moment you internally evaluate your thoughts based on the positive words, the negative thinking will automatically stop.


The diamonds on your Thought Catcher are there to remind you of your rarity, beauty and ability to endure. Diamonds were formed billions of years ago and were created with the capacity to survive the difficult journey from the pits of the earth to reach the earth’s surface. The word diamond itself comes from the greek word “Adamas” which means unconquerable… The durability of a diamond enables it to even withstand the damage and pressure of being broken, scratched or cut. Likewise, you; beautiful soul, have a unique ability to survive even when you are hard pressed on every side. You too have experienced every kind of pressure, but you weren’t crushed. You were persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed because you are like an “Adamas!” You are more than a conqueror and you shine bright like a diamond…


A rose is one of the most traditional symbols of love. They come in many colors and represent many different things to many people; from their beauty and fragrance, even down to their thorns. Roses have an intrinsic nature; an abstract essence that makes us drawn to them. Likewise, your essence; the core nature and most indispensable qualities of who you are, is the fragrance that fills your life with color, beauty and love. May you be reminded of the unsurpassable value that emanates from the core of your being every time you see the red rose in the center of your Thought Catcher.


A vine is the source of life for the branches connected to it. The vine provides the water, life and nutrients by which the fruit is produced and all the branch is responsible for is sitting tight and receiving. Notice the branch does not toil and work to try and figure out how to produce the fruit because it is the natural, inevitable process of what happens as it rests in the vine.

Notice, If you squeeze the outside of an orange, you get orange juice from the inside of it. No matter how hard you squeeze it, you will never get pineapple juice; it just is not possible… It doesn’t matter who squeezes the orange, what time of day it is squeezed, what type of pressure it experiences, what type of stress its under, etc., what will ALWAYS come out of the orange is what is inside of it!  Likewise, when we are squeezed, tested, in a pickle, experiencing a challenge, what comes out; how we react and respond is proof of the fruit on the inside, and the type of fruit on the inside is proof of the type of vine we are sourcing and receiving from.

The spiritual fruit that results from sourcing and being connected to God will always be love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  So we must learn from the natural branches example in how it receives from its vine and begin to imitate it so that we too can produce and bear the fruit according to our kind.

Many have had outward success, but were not able to sustain it or be happy and content in it because perhaps they did not have the inward fruit that comes from being connected to God’s vine. So as you look at your Thought Catcher, let it remind you of what being too busy and not taking enough time to regularly sit, receive, turn everything off and just BE with God results in.  

Jesus Christ knew this so well and would OFTEN get away to just BE with His Father, and He would encourage others to learn from His example; saying that there will always be things to do, but fewer things are need, really only one… To learn to sit and rest and remain in the vine!  And as you learn to be still and receive, not only will the joy Jesus experienced be in you, but your own joy will be made full and complete and you will bear much fruit… Fruit that will remain.


Pearls are a result of an oysters natural and biological way of protecting itself from foreign substances. When a grain of sand or other irritating substance gets stuck between the oysters mantle (thin layer of tissues separating the shell from the soft body), the oyster feels threatened and closes its shells. The oysters natural reaction is to cover up that irritant to protect itself and as it does, a shiny substance coats the grain of sand and over the years forms a lustrous pearl.

Like the oyster, you have gone through things that almost broke you completely. There are mental walls you put up to protect yourself during traumatic events when you felt threatened that, for a season, stopped you from almost losing your mind… And similarly you became a closed shell; a closed mind repeating the same thought patterns as protection, but now is the time to come out of that shell and allow your mind to breathe and expand outside of that box.

So as you look at the pearls on your Thought Catcher, may they remind you of the beauty that can come from the ashes, the joy that can come from the mourning and the praise that can come from the depths of despair. Let it remind you that nothing you have been through was for naught, and that those experiences produced the treasure that is on the inside of you. You, my friend, have ingrained and built-in worth and value… You! Are like a pearl of great price…!


The cross on your Thought Catcher is there to help Re-Mind you with the thought patterns of God. There was a type of mindset that Jesus Christ had where He understood his likeness, identity and oneness with God. His attitude and mindset when He walked the earth during His time was so counter cultural and likewise ours should be too because as He is, so are we in this life.  

There is a universal attitude and mindset in the current culture that fuels thought patterns that make people feel stressed, depressed, anxious, unhappy, selfish, like they want to kill themselves, needy and so on. We have personally experienced some of these things as well as watched the stories on the news or read the messages on social media of the countless minds that are experiencing the same torment all at the same time… But there is another mindset available that we can let and allow in us, and that is the mindset of God.

So as you look at the cross on your Thought Catcher, may you remember that there is a God thought pattern and mindset that was in Christ Jesus and is also available to be in you.


The Feathers on your Thought Catcher are there to assure you that as you do the work, you are progressing from low level thinking to high vibrational thinking. This is the place of clarity, positivity, focus and creativity because you are moving from the flapping, hard work of constantly having to catch and change your thoughts to the soaring ease of sustaining thought patterns that are conducive to who you want to be.  As you continue to allow your Thought Catcher to help you Catch Your Thought, you will continue to gain altitude and momentum in sustaining a heavenly perspective. And this different view, this bird’s eye view, this God’s eye view, will launch you into greater and deeper dimensions of life.

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